Scene Annotations & Dimensions

I have created a model with multiple scenes,

I am now going through the individual scenes and adding dimensions and annotations, but they are showing up in all the scenes, when i just want to have them shown in the scene i added them in?

You can obviously go through the other scenes and hide what you dont want to see, but that seems long winded

Hope you can help

Put those annotations and dimensions on different layers so you can show them or not based on the scene.

Create layers for dimensions per scene.
Say scene1 shows layer_dim1 and all dimensions created only for scene1 have this specific layer assigned to them. And scene1 has this layer visible.
Carry on doing the same thing for scene2: its dimensions have layer_dim2 assigned to them and is only visible in scene2
Hide isn’t the best way to achieve what you are after.

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You are way too fast, Dave.

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Thanks guys, seems the most logical way

or group the dimensions and annotations for each scene and use the Outliner to control the visibility.