Need guide how to separate

Hi there all sifus question and guide needed regarding my problem,

thank you

hmm draw a line on the wall 20mm away from the existing edge and push the 20mm gap sideways. Post the.skp and some one will show you.

I’d create the gap by grouping the pieces:

Omg thx so much…save my time …

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You’re welcome. If you want to save even more time, you can create a shortcut for making groups. I use the ] key.

thank you for the tutorials, i got another question to ask, can i hide my dimension in a group or component?

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If you put dimensions in a group, then they won’t change with your model. I’d avoid this method.

If you put dimensions on a layer, then they will change with your model. The checkbox toggles visibility.

Just for a bit of clarity on layers.
All Raw Geometry, meaning edges and faces should always be left assigned to Layer0 and layer0 should be left as the active layer. Which you can see at the beginning of this gif when I triple click on the contents of the group.

But Dimensions are a different thing, they are quite happy being assigned to a layer even separate to the thing they are attached to. But don’t group dimensions together without their object, that will break the connection.
You can see in this gif I have created dimension within the group and given them their own layer, so they can be turned on and off either on their own or with the group. Whereas the ones outside the group are unaffected by the visibility of the group, although they are still connected.

You should also read up on Layers so you don’t go wrong with them.

wow nice tuts man…keep it up

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nice tut man, does the layers work like in autocad? cuz you can assign color to it, but when the color going to appear?

Check color by layer in styles > 08%20AM

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