Dimensions changing when exiting group context

Does anyone know if this is a bug? Are there any workarounds?

I have one part in my drawing that the dimensions completely change their location as soon as I click off the part. I have a before image and an after image, but I am not sure how to post them.

Thanks for the help in advance.


Sorry forgot to type a message!
When you hit the REPLY button, the reply box appears. Look for the icon in that reply box shown in my previous post.

On Windows you can just drag and drop the image files into the post edit box.
If you are a new forum member, you may be limited to 1 image per post.

If the model is small, you might attach the SKP file to the thread.



Thanks for the help. I got the “before” posted in my original post. The “after” is posted above.

I did figure out a workaround, but it still bugs me that I was not able to get it to work the first way. The workaround was to delete all the dimensions and start again.

I put all the dimensions for a particular part in a group and have the group be a sub-group to the part. This allows me to hide the dimensions when I don’t want to see them, but still keeps them with the part. (The part is a component.)


You should be using a dimension layer for controlling visibility. (Dimensions are not primitives, so they can be associated with a layer other than “Layer0”.)


Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate the suggestion. I use layers all the time for dimensioning, but on this particular project, I was trying a different way, because I wanted to be able to view individual part dimensions. It was going well, until I ran into this problem. I went back and recreated my steps and the problem appears to be with the way that Sketchup allows an additional dimension to be added to the group. I will play with the steps some more until I can post a step by step process to recreate the problem. In the mean time, I have a workaround so I can continue working to meet my looming deadline.


Is there a scaled part involved that you are dimensioning? That would explain changing locations of dimensions.
Also, your best bet would be with different layers to “hide / unhide” certain groups of dimensions (and text), as @DanRathbun mentioned above.

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