Associated Dimensions

Nice, associated Dimension are on the way.
A bit confusing that changes are shown, were no changings were made. To make the marked Dimensions disappear you have to check them one by one. That’s ok, but not if it shows the same parameter as before.

The red boxes indicate that the ID was changed in the SketchUp model and those dimensions need to be reconnected.

No you don’t. Select all of them, right click on one and choose Reconnect.

No changes were made. There are no changes in the model. The mesurement stays the same with red and without red.

There was something changed in the SKP file related to PIDs. That’s the reason for the red boxes on the dimensions. Just reconnect them and move on.

Is there a way to disable the Assosiation generally?
Sometimes I want to make very little changes only in LayOut without modifying the model.

If you ignore an alert like this on a floorplan, take care not to be fired.

Clearly you don’t understand what that alert means. I didn’t say anything about ignoring the alert. It means that the dimension in LO is not currently connected to the SketchUp model. Reconnecting it will fix it. If the dimension is incorrect, it’ll be due to an error in your modeling. If you edit the text of the dimension, it’ll never show as disconnected. It’s up to you if you want to edit the text instead of making your SketchUp model right.

Right, I’m a stupid user. So lighten me to understand how it works. I don’t want to spend my time in fake alert. Were can I read something about these dimensions how they work? That would be really helpful.

Barbara, I have had the same problem with the Skalp plugin for solid section faces. Skalp is always recreating the section faces, even when the model geometry hasn’t changed. When this happens, the section geometry will be new and it will have a new persistent ID (PID), and that will break any dimensions that are associated with it.

In re your comment about getting fired, I have also found the auto-reconnect to be unreliable. It certainly doesn’t work with Skalp sections. When I have actually moved something, the auto-reconnect will make the “red alerts” go away, but the dimension will not snap to the new location. This may be more of a Skalp problem than a Layout problem, but nevertheless, it does mean that a disconnected and inaccurate dimension can exist in Layout without being flagged.

That’s why I have to check them all and waste my time with that. An associated dimension only shows the changes made. I know about changes made ( I did it), but not where.

I think SU works only “absolute”. I’m missing “relative” for professional use.

Sorry, Barbara, I didn’t make that very clear. What I meant was that since my associative dimension problems sound just like yours, and it turned out mine were being caused by a plugin that alters geometry behind the scenes, maybe that’s the cause of your problems as well? Because when I don’t use Skalp, the associative dimensions do work as they should. They adjust with the model and only turn red if I delete something.

Des, sorry for my bad English. I don’t use Skalp. But I made a test and turned off all plugins. You are right. No more flags.

So that means start working in LO all plugins have to be disabled. OMG!
The deeper I dive into SU it crosses my workflow and steels my attention from the projekt. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you des

I’m glad I could help! Although I know it is not an ideal answer, since turning off a plugin means going without some feature(s) that you find useful or necessary. I hope you can figure out which plugin is causing the problem, rather than having to turn them all off.

It would be good do know which extension is causing the problem. If you can, please let us know so we can investigate further.


Sorry, I didn’t try them one by one.

Absolutly necessary for architects:

  • Solid Inspector
  • Clean Up
  • SectionCutFace
  • Delete Dimesions
  • Auto-Invisible Layers ON/OFF

It may be a combination of workflow & extensions. The only ones that I see on you list that might break the associated dimensions is SectionCutFace and DeleteDimensions.

I tested SectionCutFace and through my usage test, I could NOT break the association.
I dont have DeleteDimensions. Can you point us to where it is being offered?

Since you only have 5 extensions, it would be pretty easy to test each one to see which one breaks the association.


Sorry, I named it wrong.

Fixed in SU-M2.
Thank you Guys. :heart_eyes: