Dimensions "Reconnect to model" behavior

Every time I refresh my model, the dimension in Sketchup “disconnects”. In the past I was able to ask layout to “reconnect to model” and that would solve the problem…

However, now I have to redo all the dimensions if I want to be sure they are linked to the model. This is exceptionally time-consuming during the design phase where we do multiple variations and iterations.

Is there any fix to this? I am currently running SKP Pro 2021… Do any of the newer versions fix this?

Thank you!

What are you doing to the model before updating in LayOut?

It is rare for me to see dimension that do not re-link in 2022 and 2024 - for shop drawings of a complex timber frame I meet see 1-2 dimensions per page that do not re-link - this is out of 20-30 dimensions per page.

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thank you bmike! I am actually working on a timber frame myself right now… :slightly_smiling_face:

i will try upgrading to 2024 and see if that fixes things…

Have you modified the SketchUp viewport camera in any way in LayOut and is the viewport referencing a saved named SketchUp view?

Good question - thank you for that! I will study the behavior and see if this is contributing to the problem.

I have experienced similar dimension disconnect issues in the past. I discovered it was a work flow issue.
Often (almost always), I apply shading shapes over the model for the purpose of clarity. Shading in walls, for example. If I then need to apply a dimension to that area, the dimension more often than not attaches to the overlying shape and NOT the model. Then when I modify the model in any way (the modification doesn’t even have to be in the area of the overlying shape), refreshing the model results in disconnected dimensions that will not reconnect using the reconnect command. I would go reattach the offending dimensions only to have them be disconnected in the next refresh.
It was when I accidentally moved one of the overlying shapes that I discovered the dimension wasn’t attached to the model in the first place.
Subsequently, I turn off the layer with the shading to ensure I place dimensions on the model geometry and not on decorations.

We’ve been having similar problems in '24 - our leader lines were shrinking whenever we updated the model reference. I added a link to my similar post with a workaround solution we are using that seems to work, it takes a few extra minutes and I’m not sure applies to '21 but to answer your last question, no 2023 and 24 do not fix the problem.