Layout 2021 Dimension Issues

I am trying to finish a project. I started adding dimensions to the project and for some reason when I reopen the file and go to check certain pages the dimensions have changed to be in orange/red box or fill. This is unacceptable. How do I fix this to be the proper way?

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The red fill on the dimensions indicates the dimensions have lost the connection to the model at at least one end. You could select the dimensions, right click on one and choose Reconnect. If they don’t reconnect that way you can edit them and drag the end points marked in red to connect to the model again. If the dimensions are still accurate, you could just ignore them. The red fill won’t print or show in a PDF export.

It would be easier to give you more complete help if you share the LayOut file.

I believe you can lock the dimensions if you have them set.

What if you lock everything like the viewport, text and dimensions? I too have had those issues so I am just throwing out some ideas.

Has anyone else had these issue?

The disconnect doesn’t mean they are wrong, they are disconnected.
You can ignore them via [menu] View > Warning Symbols > Disconnected Annotations

(You need to know if you changed anything significantly , of course)

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What changes does have such impact?
Usually, an observer from an extension can cause this.

I also have this issue. I have updated to Layout 2022 and still have the issue. Mine not only happens with dimensions, but can also throw leaders off in many random directions.

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Can you share an example LayOut file in which this occurs?

I totally agree and understand……i