Make parts list, and measures on the print



I use sketchup primarily to make drawings of my carpenter work. So if I ie. draw a desk or a drawer, how can I make a print of all the single parts of my work - kind of like a shopping list, with the correct measures in the print - so I can use as checklist when start up my work, and I’m sawing out the parts of my project…??

Regards Piet


I think you are getting to the point where you will be going to need the Pro version😃
With that version, you can Generate your own Reports or make use of Extensions like Cutmap or Cutlist.
The Web versions of SketchUp don’t offer the capability of extensions.
Btw. I always say: If you consider yourself a Profesional, use the right tool for the job,
Pro’s use Pro!


Thanks a lot, I was suspecting that to be the reason.
So I must upgrade soon I guess…

Have a nice day…



Be careful, the pro version will not solve your problems easily. To edit a good part list, the best is to use a suitable plugin that will be able to adapt to carpentry work and also manage panel cutting.
The best I found is OpenCutList, a free plugin on Extention Warehouse.
It has been developed by professional carpenters.
I think it came out last year and it is really perfect.
It also works with Sketchup Make.
MikeWayzovski has good reason to prefer the Pro version. I use it too. Especially because it allows the layout of all my work … And because I am a pro :slight_smile:


I would also agree that you need to be using SketchUp Pro. If your carpenter work is your profession, you need to be using Pro at least because the free versions are not licensed for commercial use. As for cutlist extensions, I find CutList works perfectly for my needs. I’ve tried the others but find they are needlessly complex for the task. My primary use for SketchUp and LayOut is modeling furniture and creating professional woodworking plans.


Using that OpenCutList add on here is another idea.
Make one file that shows all of your drawer parts laid out with dimensions.
Make another file, duplicating the first but with another name, then
assemble all of your work to show a finished product.
That may be a lot cheaper than buying the Pro version, unless, of course, you use these in a production shop, then you definitely should use the PRO version!


It is not necessary to have separate files. The assembly can be at the origin, the “laid out” components can be off to the side and assigned to a layer so they can be switched on for a “parts” scene page, but off when viewing the “assembly” scene page.

Separating the work into 2 separate files just makes for more work.