Printing a workflow list

Hi new user here looking for some help on how to print in sketchup free a work list, a printout of all the parts including measurements. it seems that i can only print or export what i’m looking at, at any time. thanks for any help.

There’s currently nothing like that in SketchUp Free. You could use a cut list extension in the desktop client versions which might give you the information you are after. If you want to create assembly instructions, you can set up scenes showing different parts as they go together.

Thanks Dave, it’s such a shame as i see something i would like to make carpentry wise but can’t printout a cut list.

Well, if it’s for just your hobby use, you could use SketchUp 2017 Make and add a cutlist extension to that.

Sketchup is a whole new world for me, i’m now sure how to do that, but ill look in to it, thanks again.

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