Blueprint? materials list? for our design

We use sketch up for designing our woodwork projects ie tables etc
is there a simple way to create a list of the different components with their dimensions?

File->Generate Report can do this natively, but there are many extensions out there, too.


Check this thread with other suggestions:

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Thanks ill check it out! i just couldnt think of what it would be called.

What kind of woodworking is it that you do? Is it all solid wood stuff or laminated MDF, or…?

Most of my modeling is furniture for plans and mostly using solid wood. I find the CutList extension to be perfect for my needs. For projects like this bed or chair, it would give me a cutlist in a couple of seconds.

The extension does require a desktop version of SketchUp. Your profile indicates you are using the free web version and there’s no option for using extensions or the Report Generator @MikeWayzovski suggested.

As for “blueprints”, I expect you mean some sort of plan documents. That can be done by exporting views of your model. If you use SketchUp Pro you can use LayOut to do the documentation for the project including the addition of dimensions and labels.

Is there way to change sheet material size from prefixed sizes to size of sheet you need. Because we use 2800 x 2070 and this option isn’t there.

You would need to edit the script to include those dimensions.

Most of the projects that I need the cut lists for are made from real wood, not MDF and I don’t find the Layout section of the extension useful.

Yes I looked thought the script and got lost (again) :grin:.

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