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Anyone know if the Cut List option is available? and if so… where and how to use it?


Pablocabo… stuck at home, workin’ on wood!

No. The cutlist extensions are just that; extensions. SketchUp Free and the other web versions have no implementation for using extensions. You could install SketchUp 2017 Make and use it with a cutlist extension to generate your cut lists.

Have a good source for Sketchup 2017?

The only legitimate source is

sorry… .didn’t mean the program, but where to get cutlist extension

The one I prefer is called CutList and it’s available in the Extension Warehouse which you can access directly from SketchUp’s Window menu.

Just for fun I ran a cutlist for the currently open file. Less than 3 seconds to complete. :slight_smile:

415 component definitions.

Dave… thank you for the info!

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Cutlist: any idea on how to changed a board length (cutlist is calc’d on 8’ board, and board is only 6’)

You can change that in the user interface.

Ah ha. so last question. So I draw a 2x4 x X’, and a few other ones all different sizes. Where do you assign it as a 2x4, vs. plywood, vs. 1x4’s, etc…

If you add a word like ‘plywood’ to the component Definition name it will sort into the Sheet materials section. You can add other Sheet words in the UI for the extension. I use ‘ply’ to keep it short.

If you apply materials to the model, the extension will look at the material names for sorting, too.

If the component name doesn’t contain a sheet or part name it will be treated like lumber.

I used Ply… and it appeared in Board not Sheets - argh!

On the initial page of cutlist, you will see a field where you can enter the patterns you want tested to see whether something is a sheet good or hardware. Then you need to give each item a name or a material that matches one of those patterns.

As I wrote and Steve showed in his screen shot.

Add appropriate words to the Sheet words field to get those objects to sort into the Sheet Materials section. I have words like panel, glass, ply, included. I do sometimes remove the word panel is the panels in a project are made from solid wood.

You can also add Part Words to that list so they get sorted into the right spot. Add pin, peg, screw, hinge, etc.

Remember to click on the Save Settings button after adding those words.

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