Cut List Extension for Sketchup Free (web)

I would like to use a cut list extension with Sketchup Free. I only see one cut list extension in the warehouse (CutListOpen). When I download it and click on it, it says there is no app available to open it. Am I doing something wrong?

There are several cut list extensions available in the Extension Warehouse but the web-based versions of SketchUp don’t have any way to implement them.

Extensions are not opened like a program. They need to be installed in a desktop version of SketchUp. I assume you are using SketchUp as a hobby. You could install SketchUp 2017 Make and then install a cutlist extension in that. FWIW I like one that is simply called CutList. I find it easiest of the bunch to use and it does everything I need.

Thanks. I initially went with the new web version on the theory that Make 2017 won’t last forever. But having a cut list extension has me reconsidering. Do you know if I create files in Make 2017, will I be able to export them to the new web version down the road?

Newer versions of SketchUp can open files created in older versions. If you want to open in SketchUp 2017 Make a file you created in the web version, download it as a 2017 version file.

Good to know. Thanks. So I’m taking the plunge with Make 2017. Got it downloaded and a simple plan put together. Downloaded CutList. Now my computer doesn’t know what program to open CutList with. Tried associating it with the Make 2017 program file but that didn’t work.

Like I said before, you have to install the extension. In SketchUp go to Window>Extension Manager and choose Install Extension. Select the Cutlist extension and then Open.

Got it. I was downloading and installing instead of installing from within Sketchup itself. THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help and couldn’t have gotten it done without you.

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