Cut list extensions


I was formerly using cutlist4.2.1 with version 2015. I now have a new computer and am using version 2016. I wanted opinions as to the best cutlist plugin for version 2016. also any tips for using said plugin would be great.


I use SketchUp 2016 and still use CutList 4.1.12 which is the last version Steve wrote before he passed away. it more than satisfies my needs. There are several others out there but at least for my purposes, they are much too involved.


Thank you dave. I liked it better as well. I still didnt have it mastered but it seemed far less complicated than the “builder” plug in ive been trying to make work. So I guess I can download it from the extension warehouse right into version 2016?


Yes. Get it from there and it’ll install automatically.


Hi Dave, could you please listi the several other cut list extensions out there, it would be very helpful to those of us who have troubles finding them.
Thank you.


Did you search in the Extension Warehouse?