Is Open Cutlist Available for SketchUp Free and Go or is there another program to Export to?

Hi, I’m new here, checking it out, and really like it. I’m guessing there is no access to Open Cutlist with Go or Free, correct? If not are there other programs out there that I could export a project to from Sketchup Free that would make a cut list for me? Thank you!

The web versions of SetchUp cannot use extensions so, no. Open Cutlist is not available. No cutlist extensions would work in SketchUp Free or Go.

Ahh, gotcha, thank you. Do you know if there other open source free programs out there that do make cutlists I could export to?

I don’t know of any. Sorry. What sort of stuff are you modeling?

Simple plywood cabinets, boxes, a wardrobe. I can do it all out on paper, but was excited to try a cutlist program. Thank you for letting me know though!

If you just want to try out a cutlist extension you could run the 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro.

Are you doing the woodworking as a hobbyist?

Yeah, I was thinking I might do that…the trial version of Pro. I don’t do woodworking for a living, but have a good amount of projects to work on.

Pro might be worth the investment for features beyond being able to run a cutlist extension.