Cut list recommendation

Can someone recommend a plug-in that will generate a cut list? And help on setting it up? Is free

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Your profile says you are using the free web version of SketchUp. There are no extensions for that version. You would need to use the desktop version.

In addition to Open Cutlist there is one called CutList in the Extension Warehouse that is also very good and is also free.

Thanks for the response Dave, I am using a trial so I believe it is the full version for a limited time. I am evaluating it right now, so I can try both to see if I can get it to work.

Curious, do you use a cut list? I would imagine that it would be important for most people who need a cost for the product for woodworking.

Appreciate your feedback!


Then that would be SketchUp Pro not the free web version. Please correct your forum profile.

Yes. I use the CutList extension I mentioned frequently for the shop drawings I create for furniture pieces. For example, I’ve done the shop drawings for about 99% of the plans listed here and they all have cutlists that were generated by that extension. I also use the extension for my own wood work as well as for other clients.

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Dave and I both use cutlist 4.1 from the EW. I find it does what I need without a lot of bells and whistles that would make it more cumbersome to use.

That is not meant to disparage Open Cut List, which has a lot more features and is pretty popular. It is just overkill for my simple needs.

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Thank you for that distinction. I am going to correct my profile as suggested and see if I can generate a cut list with the e gentian you mentioned.

Appreciate the feedback. Will let you both know the end result.

O/CL reports the lowest level components and ignores groups, it has advantages over the native report writer as it only reports visible objects. The native cannot report dynamic copies even if changed as per raked studs whereas O/CL does.
OCL has a good material system with edge and deep paint tools.

So for dynamic parts use groups to make I beams, corner shelves, joints…then make the collection of groups a component to report the whole.
Dynamic Components (DC) may fit into your workflow, start simple and keep to simple parts, use deep unique before adding on as groups need to be unique too.
DCs can hold reportable data, however at this stage only the “Name” attribute can be used, other wise the definition and instance names needs to hold data as well (material another). Currently OCL allows the use of “ruby” to further customize your report if not to suit.

If you spell out exactly what you need or have any problem preferable with .skp example; there are plenty of members to help or point to alternatives.

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OpenCutList is designed to generate a simple parts list the first time it is run.
The user can discover (and use) advanced features over time :wink:

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