Cut List extension recommendation

I need an extension to generate cut lists for plywood as well as dimensional lumber. Can anyone recommend a good one. it doesn’t matter if it is free or paid. i just want it to do the job without crashes or errors.

I use CutList 4.1. It’s old but has worked flawlessly for me. Never crashes and will sort she materials and parts into separate sections based on words added to component names or materials. Very easy to set up and use.

It’s in the Extension Warehouse.

How’s the weather out by you? Snowing hard here and blowing like crazy.

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I feel OpenCutList is the best in town at the moment for this job. These guys made a ton of progress in the past years and it’s being actively developed. We are using it since like a year and are very happy with it.


I just tried to install CutList version 4.1.12, but as soon as I clicked the Install button this message popped up.

I have Windows 11 installed as my operating system. Should I proceed anyway?

I would proceeed anyway. I’ve been using it in SU2021 with no problem. Your profile says you are using 2020. It’ll work fine.

I am using SketchUp Pro 2021. dave

Ah… Well the extension will work fine in 2021. You might take a few minutes to update your profile. It says 2020.

Where do I go to update my profile? I haven’t been there in a while and I can’t remember. Duh!!!

Click on your avatar image in the top right corner of the forum page. Then click on Preferences. Click on the gear icon…

Thanks Dave, Got’er done!

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