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I’m curious as to where you got this information. Unless you’re talking about a different CutList extension, that’s actually not true. I’ve been doing plans for woodworking projects for Fine Woodworking Magazine and The Taunton Press for many years and use the CutList extension for every one of them. Not one of those projects gets materials added to them. I add sheet or part words as appropriate to the component definition names and they get sorted correctly.

Again, not true for CutList 4.1. You can add words to the Sheet and Part words sections as you wish and they can be in the name. Here you can see I’ve added words to both the sheet and part words.

This is an example from the model I did for a project for Fine Woodworking showing some of the plywood parts. Notice there are no materials assigned.

I got the information when you press the little question mark next to “Sheet Material Words”.

AFAIK, while you can get a cut list, you can’t get a layout sheet drawing showing the cut pattern without changing the Material Words. When I don’t change the Material Words, I get a drawing showing a board length and not a 4’ x 8’ sheet.

BTW, are you the same Dave R that published the Fine Woodworking DVD “Sketchup Guide for Woodworkers”? Best $16 I spent on woodworking tools. I bought my copy at the local Woodcraft store.

Yes. Sheet materials will get sorted correctly in the lay out section with sheet words added to the Definition Name instead of the materials.

Here’s a quickie example.

You can do it either way. I only use materials to make pretty pictures but never use them in plans since they are going to be displayed as black lines on a white background. Makes them cheaper to print. :wink:

Yes. I’m that Dave R. I’m happy to hear that DVD was useful.



I just changed my Definitions and added “Plywood” and it works as you describe! The little question mark FAQ is incorrect or perhaps it is referring to some other part of the extension functionality.

I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with materials. Not only is it wasteful of printer supplies, but on the Mac it is a convoluted mess.

Thanks again for your help in getting this sorted out.


It’s unfortunate that it is incorrect. I expect its a hold over from the first version. Unfortunately my friend Steve, who wrote this extension, passed away unexpectedly a few years ago so he’s no longer able to edit that.

Happy to help.


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