Cutlist 4.0

How can you turn off the “nominal board width” and “board length” selections? In fact how can you turn off ALL the “board” related selections when you are using this extension on a project that is strictly “sheet goods”?
When I run it I get a return as if I was intending to “glue up” my case side panels.

Any ideas?

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sheets must have material with key words included

consider the warehouse download component, (components need to be placed into a file, not opened)

rust_base_0_door.skp (192.9 KB)

after placing into a file and saving, run the cutlist, results all boards!
Now go to the home material tab, add sheet to the material names
run again…all sheets

The cutlist script is allowed to be edited, it is possible to change its module name to your own, then change the script to suit your own personal needs, but you would need to learn ruby, or employ a developer.

Thanks for the response.
First, I can’t open the file you posted as I’m using Sketchup 2017. It claims to need 2018.
However, I checked what you had in screenshots, added “Sheet” to the materials selection, saved it and tried again. Same results as before. Also, I’m using the same version of Cutlist (I guess it’s the only one now.
I’ve uploaded three screenshots of my Cutlist results for you to peruse as well as my .skp file. It’s simple as I made it trying to troubleshoot this issue.
I’d appreciate your thoughts.
Thanks in advance.

8438_Tall_Pantry.skp (34.9 KB)

The sheet material words do not have to be included in the textures or colors used in the model. In fact you don’t have to apply any materials to the model at all to get the components sorted into the right categories if you don’t want them. Either use a word from the Sheet Materials words as part of the component’s definition name or add a word used in the component’s definition name to the Sheet Material Words list. So for example, if all the shelf components are going to be plywood, you could add ‘shelf’ to the Sheet material words list and they would end up in the right category.

Here, I’ve renamed your horizontal parts to “Shelf”, added the words side, shelf and nailer to the Sheet Words list and ran the cut list. No materials applied in the model at all.