CutList Mixing up Materials (hardwood pieces vs sheetgoods)

Paging @DaveR - Continuing a post from 17’ “Cutlist Sheet Words”

I am glad I found you on here! Am hoping you can assist. I’ve been trying to figure out issues with the cutlist output / layout. It is grouping my pieces that are meant to be hardwood items (3/4" Maple, per say), vs 3/4 Maple Plywood, and is grouping them all together on the layout, and vice-versa, putting pieces that are meant to be 3/4 Ply on boards…

I feel I am missing something -

Also, I tried my darnest to get the materials to show up correctly, as I have created custom materials (colors), named ("Plywood 1/8 Maple, Plywood 3/4 Maple, Hardwood 3/4 Maple, etc…) and only half seem to work most the time, and leaves a list of un assigned pieces…

All help much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jason, share the SKP file with me so I can see. And give me a list of your sheet words from the CutList UI. You can send it via a PM if you don’t want to make it public. If it’s too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

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Will do! I will PM it shortly, I have been deleting materials, renaming, reassigning materials, etc, trying to figure it out.


From the info in your PM:

Between your model and the screen shot of the front page of the UI, it’s easy to see the problem. You have the word ‘Hardwood’ as a sheet word which is an indicator to the extension to sort anything with ‘Hardwood’ in the definition name into the sheet materials section.

The solution would be to rename the components or remove ‘Hardwood’ from the sheet Words section.

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