Custom sheet dimensions for cutlist in extension


i am looking for cit optimizer extensions.

trying cutlist and opencutlist

if i understand all right:

cutlist looks for parts based on components’ names. if you put sheet name “plywood1/2”, it takes all components that have “plywood1/2” in its name.

opencutlist looks for parts based on material applied. it sees what material has sheet, and looks for all component with this material that enter to sheet dimensions.

please explain how those extensions work if i got it wrong or not fully right.


  1. how can i set up custom sheets’ dimensions on cutlist?
  2. how can i set up looking for parts based on components name rather than material applied in opencutlist?

i like cutlist because it is simple, but i don´t know how to set up custom sheet dimensions (have lots of sheets)

Almost. If the Sheet Words section contains a word that appears in the component’s name or the material used in the component, that component will be listed in the Sheet Materials sections of the layout and cutlist.

CutList 4.1 doesn’t have a provision for custom sheet sizes. The size options that are available are shown in the layout settings.

ook, i see.

i am keeping components´ and materials´ names different, so parts for cutlist should not mess up: set of names for materials, and another set of names for sheets and components.

i like how cutlist looks for parts. but i also need custom sheet dimensions.

do you know how to set up same way for looking for parts in opencutlist? because there i have option to set up sheets dimensions, but i struggle with names of materials applied.

i´ve seen on other topics that you don´t work in this extension, but may be you know answer on my question, or suggest something different.

i am i clear on my questions? because many time it is hard to guess what person really is asking about.

I don’t use OpenCutlist so I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. Like you I prefer CutList. It does everything I need and more and it’s simpler to set up.

I use Open CutList and find it really simple to set up and use.

You’re right that it looks for parts based on material — and that you define each material as either Solid Wood, Sheet Goods, Dimensional or Edgebanding (plus Hardware as well with v2).

All that’s required to generate the cutlist is to define your materials (the names don’t matter in Open Cutlist since it doesn’t use the name to identify parts), and be consistent about applying materials to parts. Then simply click on the ‘Parts’ tab, hit ‘Generate’ and voila, cutlist!

I’m not clear what you find difficult about that?

your explenatios is perfect and clear.

but my grief is not solved yet :slight_smile:

i’ll tell how i draw. drywall

i take component “druwall1/2”, i cover most i can with entire sheet of drywall.

then i make a copy “drywall1/2#1”. i make it unique. adjust lenght and wight, and make another copy “drywall1#2”. and do same things

same flow for all rest of house.

then comes client and says ‘this room i want red, and that room i want green’.

so i open each components from this room and aply red color to all components faces.

meanwhile my future cutlist stays the same all components still have ‘drywall1/2’ in its name.

same flow with framing: same log can have diferent materials in dinning room, porch, and garrage.

thats why i cant be consistent with applying materials to components’ faces.

or may be my forkflow has to be adjusted.

or look for how to set up extensin to look for parts throu components’ names rather then material applied.

many thanks for helping with solution.

Well, they are called ‘cutlist’ extensions, do you paint them in the shop or at the site?
‘Materials’ in SketchUp do not refer to ‘solids’ eg. a steel column can be painted with a wood material.
Best to add another extension as well (not sure which though, Fredo6 has one but I can’t remember the name)
‘All in one extensions’ can deal with that, you can add costs to Tags, materials or objects (components or groups)
I used Estimator for this.