Looking for optimizer

hi. is there eny extention to get a cutlist for all my materials?

lets say i modeled a house. i have lot of 2x4 of diferent sizes, lot of plywood, pipes, sheetrocks, ceramic base, osb, metal profiles, etc. everything has its actual size, everything is component, everything has its tag.

i would like to selects some tags, ctrl+a, genatare report with [lenxyz] to have parts name and its dimention, and have a quantity of material that y need to buy with mapping each piece for each meterial.

is there any extention for it? eather for sketchup or excel. i am trying to optimize my workflow for making budgets.

thanks for any help.

Looking for optipizer

I’m not sure what an “optipizer” is or does.

Your profile says you are using the free web version. The web versions don’t have any facility for using extensions. If you made a mistake in your profile and are using the SketchUp 2020 Pro or another desktop version, you can use any of a number of different cutlist extensions. Or with the pro versions, you can use the Report Generator.


it says that couse first free months has axpired and i have not bought a susctibtion.

i know that there is many cutlist optimizers extention, but most of them are desined to work with furniture and have many functions i dont need, lake bending, grooves offset, set of materials.

is there anything that can handle a big models with many custom material.

for say i have component plywood1/2"#[number of components unique copу] and 2x4#[number of components unique copy]. and bunch of other construction materials

some materials are 1d, like 2x4, and some are 2d, like plywood

and i look for some solution where i can input dimentions of a full material (like 1/2",48",96" for plywood or 2",2",240" for 2"pipe), and have a total number of sheets, lumbers, pipes, etc that i have to buy.

now i am doing all it in excel and third app, but there i have to input each material separetly.

i understand that i need a pro version to run extentions and extention like this may be payed also. just looking for something already made couse code all this in vba is alot of work, wich was my first idea. but sketchup comunity also can help., so i am asking here.

thak you for your time and answering.

The various cutlist extensions can work with larger projects or you can use the Report Generator. You have to build your models correctly. the output you get will only be as good as your model.

my model is well organized. do you have any extention on mind, or i should look for one by one to see if it fits best my needs?

I like one called simply “cutlist” in the Extension Warehouse. You can anticipate there’ll be others along to share their opinions. You should check them out and see what works for you based on your well organized model.

As @DaveR says, there are several tools that can compile model information.
The one I use is OpenCutList, a free extension able of creating cut list, cutting diagrams and reports. It can even estimate the price and the weight if the information has been given to the material, or to the components.
You can export the results in a csv file.

You can work with in Sketchup Make 2017 for a personal use

what i cant find is
how to create a custom dimensional material in both extensions
like a sheet, i guess.
2440,1220,18 for plywood,
40,40,6000 for pipe 40mm in diameter,
100,100,600 pipe 100mm in diameter,
50,150,6000 some structure profile,
and LOT of other profiles and sheet material.

i am trying in both extensions, but being failing so far

  1. if i can save created materials as a templet for my next model

open cutlist is selecting parts based on material applied.

is there anything that cuts parts based on components name?