Builder - Brand New Cut List, Layout Optimising and Automatic Costing Extension



My new extension, Builder, is now live on the Extensions Warehouse!

It has been designed from the ground up as a straightforward, powerful and intelligent extension to automatically produce cutlists and cost summaries for your model at any point in the design process. It will output a quick, instant cost summary within Sketchup, graphical HTML cutlists for easy printing, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

There is no need for any use of custom materials within Sketchup, naming conventions for components or adding tags to the description - simply give Builder a list of the materials you are using (e.g. 18mm plywood 8’x4’ sheets), their sizes and what they cost and Builder will automatically assign components in your model to the correct material based on their dimensions. This is also able to be overridden by adding a material name to the component name for complete flexibility. On top of automatic assignment, Builder will error check your model for any components that have incorrect dimensions, helping you to model more accurately.

Currently this is only a free version that is limited to nesting up to 50 individual parts - I will be releasing Builder Pro (unlimited parts) as soon as my vendor account has been setup. In the meantime, please do install and try it out - I will do my best to attend to any bugs and feature requests before the Pro version is released. Happy modelling!

Sheet optimizer

I have just edited the extension so it uses the user’s model units automatically and the currency can be changed. You can download the new version here for the time being: builder_2-2-1_encrypted.rbz (1.1 MB) as it isn’t yet active on the extensions warehouse.


Builder now works automatically with the user’s model units, including fractional inches! You can download from the extension warehouse here:

If anyone fancies trying it out and letting me know what they think so I can make some improvements that would be amazing!


Builder Pro is now available on the extensions warehouse: . It has unlimited parts and both Builder Pro and Free now have the ability to save/load material settings list so you can easily customise your settings for each project.


Could you please explain why is this plugin compatible only with Windows?


You can’t save the cutlist due to the way the file is written and the UI is
very difficult to use - if you’re willing to work round these the it is
just about usable!


File.write works the same on a mac…

are you hard coding Windows only paths?

Ruby prefers / as a path separator and File.expand_path("~/Documents") works for both as well…

If your having specific issues with porting to mac just ask questions in the Ruby thread…

their are a lot of mac SU users and developers…



I do have long term plans to port it to Mac, but have no time to do it and
no mac to test it on!