Building Creator Extension

I’m pleased to announce that my Building Creator extension is now available for download.

This extension is designed to aid in the rapid design of garages and pole buildings. It is at this point only a drawing and visualization tool. No materials take off or building plans in this version.

SketchUp Pro is require but Building Creator can be demoed with Make. The installer from the Extension Warehouse will install a version with limited functionality. Contact me and I will send you a code for a fully functional 30 day trial.

There are some short videos posted in the gallery section demonstrating the capabilities of Building Creator.


Interesting and quite exciting, but I can’t see it “flying off the shelf” at $999.00!

It is very industry specific. Most certainly I don’t foresee any hobbyists using it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been selling it privately to lumber yards and contractors for about a year and finally decided to put it in the warehouse to make it easier for people to access. It is mostly a presentation tool used to help customers see what their project will look like and make changes on the fly.

If it would include plans and materials take off I think it would easily sell for $4,000 - $5,000 and still be in line with competing software.

Building creator was originally designed for our own use. We use it every day to help customers design and visualize their buildings. Up until now sales have only come from people that have seen Building Creator in action and been impressed with the speed and ease of use.

One customer said “I can now draw a building in five minutes that would have taken an hour to draw before.”

And even better the drawing can be saved and modified at a later date. All the components are fully customizable and are redrawn live. This is a magnitude faster than using Dynamic Components and results in a much smaller model.

This model was drawn in 5 minutes using Building Creator. All the information about the building is stored in the model. So anyone with the Building Creator Extension could open the model and edit or modify it very quickly.

Even with all that info in the model it is still only 568 KB!

Building Creator Demo (15).skp (568.0 KB)

One of my first customers has two licenses and just asked about getting three more.


So basically this is a warehouse building generator, am I right?

Love the feature btw. What language did you use to code this with?

Building generator / designer, yes.

I used the SketchUp Ruby API for all the drawing.

The user interface is a web app built with Xojo.

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