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I did my first trade show to try and bring my Building Creator extension to the market. I was overwhelmed by the success of the plugin. I’m estimating at least 50 licenses sold from the show. I’m now trying to extend it to fill an even greater need for material take off and construction drawings.

There is a tremendous demand for a product like this. One product at the same show was based on Revit. The rep told me it was a $5000 investment plus $875 per year. Revit it’s self costs $2200 per year.

My goal is to have the new product ready to beta test in 6 month and release it at the next show in March of 2019. This software is revolutionary to the industry and will change the way people do sales. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to have it ready to ship in a year if I do it my self in my spare time. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a full time or part-time person with good ruby skills that is interested in making an investment (time not money) in this software. I’m willing to pay hourly or salary with bonuses based on sales. C#/WPF experience would be great but not required. Location is not an issue as all work could be done remotely.

Please contact me if you are interested 419-631-7669 or send me a PM.


Hi Neil,

I would be interested.
I do not have PM privileges though…

Could you please email me the details on

Best Wishes,


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