Building Creator 3.0 Available!

After a lot of hard work Building Creator 3.0 is finally available.

Here is a link to some tutorial videos.

You can download the installer here, for a free trial.

I’ll add several more posts highlighting the biggest new features. This almost an entire rewrite, so there are a lot of new features.

Lets start by taking a look at what kind of building can be designed in 60 seconds.

Here is a 60 second video answering that question.
30 Mouse Clicks & 29 keystrokes total.

New Features Summary

  1. Changes to Main Building
  2. Color Selection
  3. Easy Opening Placement
  4. Cupolas
  5. Dormers
  6. Sheds (includes porches)
  7. Preferences
  8. Saved Opening Presets
  9. SmartBuild Integration!!
  10. Now compatible with Mac
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Changes to main building

  1. Variety of new roof styles. Gambrel, single slope, etc.
  2. Addition overhang options. Bird Box, or Sloped soffit.
  3. Change the overhang size for each side individually.
  4. Peak out, and flying gable options.


Color Selection

  1. Use color pallet or select from list.
  2. Match other parts of the building to enable quickly changing color schemes.
  3. Easily setup new colors.

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Easy Opening Placement

  1. Inference locks with measurements. (left/right arrow keys toggle which side to measure from).


  1. Pressing shift toggles measuring from corner (green), or closest opening (magenta)


  1. Specify default window vertical position for inserting new windows.


  1. Place multiple opening spaced out on side by typing the number of openings then * and enter.

Multiple Openings

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  1. Click to place (insert multiples)
  2. Glass sides option
  3. Weathervane options

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  1. Easy click to place (insert multiples).


  1. Easy positioning with move tool or from editor.
  2. Position is maintained when changing building or shed. For example if it is centered on shed it will stay centered if the shed length is changed.
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Sheds (includes Porches)

  1. Easy click to place (no more cumbersome grid)
  2. Option to change post size.
  3. Options for wye braces, siding, post material, or 2x

  1. Cantilever type (with no posts, great for awnings)
  2. Easier color selection and matching for post and beam colors


  1. Adding a shed on a shed is now supported. Attachment is drawn correctly.

Shed Placement

  1. Moving a shed now moves all attached sheds and openings.
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  1. Import and export settings, saved openings, and colors.
  2. Customize trim widths for each material type.

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Save preset openings

  1. Set up presets for quick selection.

  1. Quick filter to find opening.

  1. Recently used openings are available for quick select.


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And last but not least we are proud to offer integration with SmartBuild.

If you do not already have this great estimating software please check it out now.

  1. Import jobs already quoted in SmartBuild

  1. Price is calculated in background while building is being designed. Price is dimmed while calculating, so you can easily tell if price is up to date.

Pricing in progess
Pricing complete.

  1. Errors indicated by changing the color of the price (orange or red depending on the severity).


  1. Truss errors can be displayed, and easily fixed.

  1. Material list is available to view from Sketchup or Export to Excel

  1. Save job to SmartBuild with option to automatically view for editing (advanced edits)


  1. Download outputs directly from SketchUp


What is the pricing on this extension and where do I find it online. I downloaded, started to work up a building then got busy. Trial has expired, but can’t find info on purchasing it. Please let me know.

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Send me a PM if you are interested in purchasing.

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