Home Renovation

I used Building Creator extension to do a quick before and after, so my wife could see what I had in mind for a project at out house. It’s a rough draft (no railing or steps), but it took half an hour.


If time is of the essence, then this could be worthwhile, but at $999 ! it don’t come cheap.

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It’s actually for designing pole barns, but it worked well for my house. And no it’s not cheap, but it can be easily paid for with one job. Building creator is a tool for salesmen rather than architects and designers. Many of my customers have told me it’s a bargain for that price, and have come back for additional licenses after using one license for a few month.

Here is a short clip showing what can be draw in the first 3.5 minutes.

Trying to decide if I want white or gray trim, with the black raling.

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