Builder pro problem

Hi everybody
I was trying to use builder pro for some quick estimating cost for pricing furniture.
It doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. The creator did not respond to my question and so I am trying here.
Is anybody using this plugin and is it working for him?

Which version of SketchUp are you using?

Builder Pro

SketchUp Compatibility

SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2016

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@Julian_Smith I am 2019 user. And I think it might be the problem.
It is actually really good the way it is supposed to work. It doesn’t change direction of the sheet material placed on cutlist.
If you set length to 1000mm and width to 500mm it is ok but if you set length to 500 and width to 1000 on cutting plan it still show length 1000. Whitch is wrong.

Done. Sorry didn’t know I haven’t yet

Maybe all you need to do is change the axes for the component?

Well in cabinetry the sheet material dimensions are fixed like this. Lenx is length , leny is width and lenz is the thickness of the material.the grain orientation is always the length. I have set my dynamic cabinets to orient the grain that way.
Even in the plugin has it correctly set.
It’s a bummer it doesn’t work for me. If it had the edgebanding option it would estimate exactly the way my company does.
It’s a good reporting plugin and the creator should keep it updated and add new feature.
Thanks @DaveR , @Julian_Smith for your reply.
Maybe I am just missing something. Hopefully Jack Swanborough will respond to me.

Installed su2020 but lost my builder pro which I bought, couldn’t find it in my extensions.
Send an email but couldn’t deliver to their mailadres.
Last Builder update was 2016 I think… probably not active anymore.
Gave up, now looking for an alternative for my saw list optimization .
Tips are very welcome

Hi @Bikk The tip would be open cutlist or cutlist . Or others on extension warehouse.
What I am looking for is a plugin for quick estimating price in the project. So how many sheets of material used, how many meters of edging is used , hardware part and profile material. Anything you could thing of?

Assuming you had it in a previous version and that version is still installed, you didn’t lose it. Each major version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. It does not overwrite other versions that are installed and it does not delete extensions installed for those versions. The fact that the extension hasn’t been updated since 2016 means it likely won’t work in 2020 anyway.

Yeah, using open cutlist right now as we speak. It’s very nice.
Also found a way to print what side the edge band goes on my labels, that’s handy. But I loved the quickness of Builder. And the copy paste to my label writer.

No, I formatted my c drive and reinstalled everything so… :slight_smile:

So that’s different from.

Only used it for materials without grain. Always puts Length as the longest side. So it kinda sucked for grain.

Ehh true… Yes and no… Also went from su2018 to su2020

Ok so if you were using builder for cut listing.
Would you enlight me how did you manage the grain orientation?
How it’s working for me it is always placing a peace onto sheet with the long side .
As I described it before when I set piece lenx length to 1000 and leny to 500 it does it right. Then I set leny to 1000 and the length to 500 and it still places the piece width 1000 to lenght of the sheet grain wise like.

Oh I see . You answered already. Thanks

Yeah I tried all options but couldn’t fix it. Too bad, the simplicity and work speed was awesome.

Ok, now I get it. I just thought I would at least see it in my Trimble login environment.
Thanks for the help Dave

Can anyone confirm PB2pro isn’t working anymore after the new 2020.1 update? And is PB3 working well in 2020.1? I never saw any need for upgrading but maybe its time to buy a new version of @mind.sight.studios PB creation.

I suspect something has changed in 2020.1 regarding webdialogs. I have a few issues with a few plugins of my own and just noticed I can’t select profiles anymore in PB2. In the API docs I see webdialogs are deprecated (replaced by html dialogs in 2017) so maybe some of that old code is removed?.

If you mean Profile Builder I understand that version 2 won’t work with SU 2020 at all.