Woodworking project - how to create material need and cut list

Hey guys,

This is pretty much the first time I am trying to use Sketchup for a project of mine.
I’ve put together a relatively large flower stand (Screenshot by Lightshot).

I would like to get calculate how much I would need from the different sized wood boards. Is there an easy way to calculate the components with how many times they appear in the project? Or even better if their lenght can be added up.

Additionally is there a way to generate a cut list for a project like this?
This is an example what I mean: Screenshot by Lightshot
Or do I just need to manually lay everything out one by one?

Let me know if you have any advice on the above!

Thank you


There are a number of extensions that can generate cutlists and layouts for sheet materials from SketchUp models. Your models need to be create correctly to be able to get a useful cutlist, though.

Look in the Extension Warehouse and search for “cutlist”.

What @DaveR means by “create(d) correctly” is that you must have made each separate board a component (groups will also work but components have advantages in something like this). All the cutlist generators depend on these objects to understand what is what in your model.

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