How do you create printable plans?

Now that I’ve designed something, I want to print out diagram(s) showing the various components and their dimensions. That way I can take that into the workshop and have as reference.

Since I’m still new to Sketchup, I figure there must be a better way than what I’m doing. I used the Outliner to hide various components so each scene only shows one component. Then I use the Dimension tool to manually add the dimensions of all the cuts for that component as shown in first screen shot.

There are several things I don’t like about this method:

  • It’s very time-intensive
  • I must make sure I put in dimensions of all cuts (easy to miss one)
  • If I go back to Scene 1, which shows the whole cabinet, it also shows all the dimensions I put in. That’s so “busy” and makes it hard to make changes.

How do YOU handle this?

You are not using Pro and so I imagine you have no access to Layout (which is designed for this kind of thing).

What I would do is to make a scene for each element you want to show. I would then group the dimensions that I want to see in that scene. Then when you move between scenes only the dims you want will show.

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If the printouts are for quick use only for yourself, the technique you have described is not a bad thing. Only in that case, in order to save time, I would not accumulate the dimensions of all the details, but would print the desired view immediately, then move on to the next one. You can also use the Export command or, more simply, the Print Screen command. I know many woodworkers who do just that. I don’t.

Layout should be used for more serious needs. It will definitely not save time, but the result will be much more professionally valuable.

You have to decide for yourself which option is more suitable for you.

Why do you think so?

Sure it said Make when I looked!

Look a little higher, there’s a story about Make. Maybe because. :grin:

Lots to unpack in your question. Hopefully we got some of it sorted. You should have the files in a PM.

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If each of those doors were components you could also make a copy of each of them and lay it down on the ground, have a view from top and see them all in a single scene that your u can dimension. That way each time you edit one, the dimensions will follow and you can print screen or export as you go modelling.

It did simoncbevans. I had started out with Make 2017, but upgraded to 2020 a few weeks ago. It was pointed out to me that I hadn’t updated my profile. You must’ve looked before I did that.

Thanks for all the replies guys. Since I now have 2020 I also have Layout. Now that I’ve gotten an orientation of it and I’ve gone through some tutorials I’m good with the process.

Special shoutout to DaveR for all the help. Is there some way to give “awards” on this forum? I know some forums have ways to reward members…

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If he gave an answer, you can register that and it will appear under your OP.