Am I doing it right: SketchUp > Layout

I’ve used the free/web versions of SketchuUp for a few years to model shop builds. I recently stepped up to Pro. I won’t detail the hoops I previously jumped through to create part lists, cut lists and exploded views of parts–it was my own Rube Goldberg machine. With Pro I found OpenCutList–absolute magic–worth the upgrade $$$ for that time saver. But I still had a problem getting dimensioned drawings of parts–especially those with dadoes in the middle, or cut outs in the basic shape. I figured out that’s what Layout is for, but after watching all the tutorials, it was overkill for what I was looking for. None the less I’ve started using it. This is my workflow:

  • Model in SketchUp
  • Use OCL to print out part lists and cut lists
  • Create a bunch of scenes of views and parts that I think will be helpful during my build
  • Open the model in Layout
  • Add each scene to a page and pull dimensions
  • Print the LO document

My questions are: 1) Am I doing it right, or am I over complicating it? 2) Is there a simpler way to print out drawings of key parts from SketchUp for yourself, not client presentation grade?


It’s hard to say without seeing your LayOut file but I expect you are doing OK.

By “Add each scene” I presume you mean you are copying a viewport and selecting a different scene. Is that right?

Yes. I create a page for each scene, then set the view port to a scene then add dimensions that I think are necessary.

Seems reasonable to me.