Printing in SketchUp for Web

Hi everybody,

We are happy to announce a new capability for printing in SketchUp for Web and SketchUp for Schools that you can try out today.

Similar to PNG export, our Print Preview utility lets you compose your 3D models in the context of the paper space you’d like to print them on. Go to File > Print to check it out.

You can select a standard paper size, or specify a custom one. Just like PNG Export, you can use basic navigation controls (Orbit, Pan, and Zoom) to position your model on the preview canvas. You can also choose to print with a white background, which we hope will save you a little bit of toner.

Of note, we’ve made model scenes accessible in Print Preview (and PNG export), so you can easily jump to scenes you’ve composed in your model. And if you tweak your scene a little bit, SketchUp for Web will save a default “(Last Print)” scene when you print to PDF. If you want to save this scene, just rename it in the Views panel. Otherwise, SketchUp will overwrite the scene on your next export.

You’ll also notice that we are introducing a Print to Scale mode for paid subscribers and SketchUp for Schools users. With Print to Scale, you can compose 1-page scaled drawings at any scale you specify and you can choose to display the scale at the bottom right of your print. In this print mode, the camera switches to orthographic for scaled prints.

We expect to have a help center article up before long with more info about printing. We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think!



Ever since I went to SketchUp on the I have been looking for the ability to print from the Screen. Now I really need to print. Please direct me to the proper actions needed.
Thanks Al

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates SketchUp Pro but you’ve posted in SketchUp for Web.

If you are using the SketchUp for Web, follow Mark’s instructions above. Click on File and then Print.

It’s actually essentially the same in SketchUp Pro, too.

I’m using SketchUp on the Web. Instructions were perfect. Thank You.

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Glad that helped.

Please update your profile to help prevent confusion in the future.