Can't print to scale from SketchUp Shop

I can’t print to scaleand find no help on the web based SketchUp Shop version… I am on a Plan view and when I print I do not see a dialague box that shows Vector, or a way to indicate the scale. I do not see a Document Setup box either. Scaled plan should fit on one sheet. I can’t export to a JPEG file either. This should be so easy. Am at a complete loss!

Vector and Document Setup are both associated with LayOut which is part of the SketchUp Pro package. If you have a subscription to SketchUp 2019, you can download your project from SketchUp Shop and open it in SketchUp Pro. Then send to LayOut.

At least at this point in time there isn’t a way to print to scale directly from SketchUp Shop.

I am flabbergasted that you would have on the market a subscription drawing product and yet one cannot print off the drawing! Incredible!
I will try to download it to Pro and then send to LayOut but not feeling good about my likely success at this.

It’s not my product so don’t get angry with me. I don’t know why you think it won’t work with SketchUp Pro and LayOut. Take some time to actually learn how to use the tools and you will be able to get what you need.

It’s actually a modelling product.

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I don’t have SketchUp Pro. I used to use SketchUp Free and could make simple prints and expected that with an upgrade to SkeetchUp Shop I would enhance that feature and not actually lose it. It would appear the time I have spent learning and drawing has been lost as I cannot print with the products I have. I am not angry with you, just extremely frstrated with the product and the lack of clear information regarding the web version. It is great to use as a modelling product but to me is useless if I cannot pass this information on to others in a print format. My understanding was that you were looking for feedback.

There are various export options you may have missed, accessible via the folder icon top left. Perhaps a ,dwg or something would work for you.

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Extracting this to new thread as it isn’t really related to searching.

It appears to me you can print to scale, even if the UI is very spread out over the screen and all elements aren’t easy to find (like the cancel button if you don’t want to print).





Wonder when that was added. Certainly since the last time I had reason to think about it. Thanks @eneroth3

A little bit late to the thread, but @Donald, I hope you saw @eneroth3’s post. There is a brief help article here (, but I’m sorry you weren’t able to find it more naturally in your use of the product. Certainly, we have to add ‘Print’ to the Search capability at a minimum.

If you see this post, I hope you’ll give me some feedback on your experience using Print in SketchUp for Web. I am very curious to hear how you get along. I’ll be listening here, and also feel free to send me a direct message (click my avatar and hit Message).