Will my.sketchup allow scaled printing

Features needed in my.scketchup app.

I see this is a cross-post from another thread… don’t know which thread you’re watching, but I hear what you’re saying in either one. Printing from SketchUp, especially printing to scale from SketchUp, has always been a problematic process. In no small way, this is why we added LayOut to the SketchUp Pro suite. It is really the best way to manage the process for a SketchUp model.

Today, SketchUp Free doesn’t support printing to scale at all and really only offers the most rudimentary tools for printing in any form. We’re working on that, launching new features all the time. Until we have something new to announce, SketchUp Make is a useful way to meet your printing needs.


Printing to scale could be accommodated by downloading the canvas dataBlob as SVG [ using SVGKit ]…

this eliminates the need to know the users printer details or the browser window size…

at the moment Print is broken because the canvas goes under the footer bar and zoom extents will use that space…

I think it’s easier to do on the web then the desktop app…


I think SketchUp could really benefit from a proper native print to scale function.

A lot of people simply don’t bother learning LO and never opens it. In the SketchUp course at my uni we were told to export PDF files to scale and then use Adobe illustrator to size an exported bitmap (with shadows and other such features) to match the PDF and then print that, or some similar workflow. I can’t remember the exact details but it was all because the teacher had never tried out LO himself and thought there wasn’t enough time in the course to learn an additional software.

Even if you are an experienced LO user it is in many cases overkill to use it. If you just want a basic scaled printout of a model, e.g. to use as reference when creating a physical object yourself, and don’t need any annotations, dimensions or title blocks opening LO feels like a detour. In those cases you don’t even bother saving the LO document because you didn’t really do any work in, just used it to set up printing, I think the work-flow would be better if you could stay in SketchUp the whole time.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I’ve seen many users judging SU for its inability to easily print to scale. Some people almost mock SketchUp for not being capable of easily print to scale without the need of a separate software.

I can absolutely see if you want this to be a Pro only feature and not available in SU Free, but redesigning the print dialog in SU Pro would definitely make many users happy. Also I would think printing to scale can have many applications in SketchUp for schools.


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