Print Preview is showing error

Hi I am Stuart, I am new here, and I am hoping that somebody could help me. I have been reading some of your issues and solutions and they have really helped me. today I have an issue that I haven’t seen on the forum and I am hoping you can help me.

I am looking for some advice on an issue I am having, when I have worked on a 3D drawing in 2018 Pro version and I get to a point where I want to print a certain view. I select the view of the drawing that I want, then go to print set up and set up the Landscape view or Portrait view, then I go to print preview to check what the print is going to look like and some times it is fine, but other times, the scene goes to the bottom area of the print preview and is greatly reduced in size, does any body have this issue and is there a solution?

Can you post a screenshot of the Print dialogue settings you use?

I wonder if you are always seeing Fit to Page checked?

Or if the page orientation is setting back to Portrait?

Unlike most apps (and in spite of requests to improve it) SU doesn’t remember Print dialogue settings in the document, and ‘forgets’ them between SU sessions.


As you’re using 2018 Pro, would it be an idea to use Layout for the printing of the various views? The various Scenes, showing the desired views, could be set up in Sketchup, and then referenced in Layout, on a set paper size.

Within Layout, the viewport containing the view can be positioned as desired on the page. Also, more than one viewport can be shown on a single page, meaning various views of the model can be printed on one page.


See this article at the SketchUp Sage Site…

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