Printing from layout, won't go to landscape

I can not adjust page setup at all in layout. This is a trial version though, is that the problem?

I can only print the top left corner of the page

Did you set the paper orientation to landscape in File>Document Set Up? Perhaps you could upload the LO file so we can see what you are seeing and how you have things setup? There are no limitations on any of the tools or options in the trial version.

It will not let me change anything in page setup. The landscape button is there but dim and won’t change. When I go to print preview it will only display 1 page, that is only 1/4 of the drawing

What about under Paper in Document Setup?

How about sharing the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going?

the page turned underneath the drawing. drawing now floating half on/off page

how to share? I’m trying

how do I share it?

floor dimentions.pdf (107.1 KB)

So that is what it is printing but it is obviously only part of the drawing? What is going on

Sorry. I had to go walk the dogs. So now that you figured out how to upload a file, how about uploading the LayOut file?

print.layout (149.7 KB)

I am hoping it does the same thing for you?

I expect I’m seeing the same thing when I use Print Preview.

That happens because the printer is set up for 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper. You have chosen A3 size paper in portrait orientation which is 297mm wide and 420mm high. (About 11.7 x 16.5 inches)

What size paper do you intend to print on? You need to set up the document when you start for that size paper.

At this stage you would need to redo things for the correct paper size. Although it wouldn’t be ideal, an alternative would be to export a PDF of the document and print the PDF scaled to fit the paper.

By the way, you might want to go over the dimensions and make sure they are all correct. I’m just guessing but I think those two at the top of the page are not correct for the floor plan. I’m thinking they’ve become disconnected from the model.

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Ok I get it. Thank you

A couple of other things to note. For a floor plan or an elevation like this, you probably want to set SketchUp’s camera to Parallel Projection. Among other reasons, it will let you set some sort of standard scale. You can’t set a scale for perspective views. Notice that Scale is grayed out in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

Also, it is wise to create a scene in SketchUp for each view you would create in LO. As it is now, if you need to edit the SketchUp file and move the camera, it’ll be difficult to return it to the exact same spot. When you save the file, the view of the model will change and this will ball up your dimensions. With scenes in SU tied to the LO viewports, you don’t have to worry about what the last saved view is.

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I was just going to ask how to do this correctly. I didn’t get the tutorial for layout obviously. Thanks again

Basically, the steps are:

  1. Set up scenes in SketchUp for each view in LayOut. For 2D views such as your plan, set the camera to Parallel Projection before you make the scene.
  2. Save the SKP file.
  3. Send to LayOut.
  4. Pick an appropriate template size for the size of the paper you’ll print on. You can make your own templates, too.
  5. Place the first viewport.
  6. In the Inspector window, choose the desired scene.
  7. Set the scale as desired for the 2D scenes. You can move the sides of the viewport as needed to adjust the cropping. Just don’t double click on the viewport to edit it. that will disconnect it from its scene in SketchUp.
  8. Copy the viewport and paste it either on the same page or on other pages and select the desired scene for each from the Inspector window.
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so much easier when you are doing it right. You have been a great help

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so is there a way to print on separate sheets that you can then tape together?