New version of layout won't print in landscape or save page setup

Just upgraded to the latest version of Layout (2021.1.1) and now I can’t change print setup; it reverts to default even while the program is open. I know that in previous versions there was an issue saving page setup if it differed from the computer’s default, making you reset page setup each time you opened the file but now I can’t change page setup at all. Well, it lets me make the changes onscreen but when I try to open the file as a pdf in preview or send it as an email attachment it reverts to default settings and the pdf is in the default setup. Any ideas?

Isn’t this the latest:

Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 16.57.13

You’re right. My mistake.

This is in LayOut? The page orientation should be set by the template you choose or in the paper size you select. Share a sample LayOut file that shows this problem.

Sorry Dave, I had to be away for a few days. Thanks for responding. I have attached a file for you to see. In the past I have printed files for my clients on my Epson 1430 on 13x19 paper size. I also always work in this size in layout. In the past couple of versions I had to redo the page setup every time I opened the file because the file would reset to my computer’ printer defaults (for my other printer) every time I closed the program. Now, after installing the latest update, When I try to print or email as a pdf it always does so at 8.5x11 and in portrait mode. It won’t even print in landscape now in any scenario. I’d appreciate any ideas you might have.


TEST LAYOUT FILE.layout (2.2 MB)

I’m not seeing that here. I opened your file and see the paper is 19x13 in landscape orientation. It exports to the same in the PDF.

The size it would print at comes from the installed printer drivers.

A3+ seems like an unusual size these days.

Ok. Weird. Not sure what is causing this then. Mine always reverts to portrait and 8.5 x 11. Only started happening with the new update. It must be something happening with my print drivers or my system I guess but it is strange that things only went wrong when the new update was installed. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.