Layout print orientation

I’m trying to print in landscape in Layout but no matter what I do it comes out in Portrait mode.
I tried changing the page setup, the width and height of the paper, and every combination I could think of, but it still comes out in portrait mode with the image shrunk and lots of useless white space top and bottom. This matters since it is a complex image and only on letter sized paper.
What to do?

What does it look like when you export to PDF and then try printing that?

Ugh. That’s even worse. It cuts off the opening text on the first page and then the title on page two and the image on p. 2 is shrunk just like before, but with no margins on the left and right.

Can you share the LayOut file?

It’s far too large - 304MB, even after I deleted the image page. For some reason, this only reduced the filesize by 0.1MB.
It comes out right on the screen, in landscape mode across the screen, with the text along the right side border, but when printing it flips to portrait mode and then misfits the text and image as described.

You’d have to purge the unused references to reduce the file size after deleting the stuff from the document.

Where do I do that here?

In File>Document Setup>References. Select the unused entities and click on Purge.

Cover page only.layout (23.0 KB)
Ah, that is better. Only 24k now. Still the same problems though…

Print Preview on my computer shows this:


And the PDF: Cover page only.pdf (27.9 KB)

And, in case it’s a Mac thing, this is on my Mac. The print preview.

And the PDF using File>Export.
Cover page only Mac.pdf (39.3 KB)

When you made the PDf did you use File>Export or did you just print to PDF from the Print dialog?

I printed directly to PDF not through file>export.
But is it advisable to print from Adobe rather than Layout natively?
My print preview looks nothing like that. Is it a driver issue with my HP laserjet 200?

I always export to PDF and then print that. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be advisable to do it.

Possibly. You might check to see if there are any driver updates for it and install them to see what happens.

This is what my preview, and final print, looks like. As you can see, it truncates the page:
Driver update?

What size paper do you have in the printer or is the printer set up for?

Maybe a driver update. Probably couldn’t hurt.

Ah ha. It DOES work correctly after exporting, not printing, to PDF. Both in print and preview.

So, there seems to be something wrong in the way Layout prints natively, at least for my HP laserjet 200.

So it seems there is something wrong with the printer drivers then. They determine how the printing sets up, not LayOut.

But it’s the same driver in Adobe, right? And it works there, in preview and print too.

maybe on a PC but not in my experience on a mac…

LO and SU use the native Apple PDF library, which works fine with my HP printer…

Adobe has it’s own driver…


Hmm, so it is the Apple PDF driver for my particular printer that is the issue? I don’t know that there is any remedy for that, at least not from HP if it’s an Apple driver, right?

the Adobe printing functionality also uses the Apple builtin library, but adds a layer of functionality…

the functions exposed depend on which version of Acrobat you have paid for…

check your Acrobat preferences…