Layout & Printing

I’m having an issue trying to print an image from Layout. When I open the Layout program and click Print Preview, everything looks fine, until I print the image and its cut off. The page and paper size are correct.

Seems to be a lot quicker and easier with the Sketchup for Web than a Sketchup Pro program for printing. Having nothing but issues.

Share the LO file so we can see what you are working with.

What operating system? Your profile says “Pro” but that doesn’t identify an operating system.

Windows 10 Pro

I don’t know what an LO file is…

The LayOut file. It’s what you get after clicking on Save in LayOut.

Main Washroom Vanity.layout (158.0 KB)

What size is the paper in your printer? When I run Print Preview I get this:

And exporting a PDF I get this which you could also print and probably with better quality.
Main Washroom Vanity.pdf (18.5 KB)

Letter, Yes that is what I want to print but it comes out not centered on the paper and when I tried printing it with a Portrait view it was cut off.

Why would you print it in Portrait orientation? You set up the page for Landscape orientation.

I tried switching to a different orientation because the Landscape orientation was obviously not working correctly for me.

There is something wrong with your print setup. Did you try exporting a PDF to print? Did you try printing the PDF I made and shared?

Yes i did try that and had the same results

Are you using an older printer with two different paper trays for portrait and landscape, or with a paper tray that allows the paper to be fed in two ways?

You had the same results printing the PDF I shared?