Layout has changed

I made some plans yesterday in Sketchup, took them into Layout and printed them.
Today I made some changes to the Sketchup model, and to print this I went back to Layout, updated the model and it looks right. But Print Preview is not right, the scale is wrong and it doesnt fit the paper at all.
How do I print what I see in the layout window?

OK. I had to choose the paper size… again

You shouldn’t have to change the paper size when you open an existing LayOut file. The paper size should have been selected in Document Setup>Paper as part of your template when you started the project. If you are printing directly from LayOut to a different paper size than you set in your template, you would of course need to make that setting but the correct way would be to set that paper size in the beginning.

I’d be interested to see your LO file to find out how you have set things up.

Agreed with DaveR…make sure to always export to Jpeg, PDF, etc first and print from there as it will lock in your paper size and scale.

This may not be relevant but occasionally, when I go to print from LO, what you see in the preview pane is wrong. It is WYSIWYG though because if you hit print you get what is shown on the preview. It seems as if the page size setting has not been retained. The fix is simple. Close the file and re-open it. That seems to magically restore the setting. The old turn it off and turn it back again soft shoe shuffle!