Why is my print preview not showing the full page

why is my print preview not showing the full page

nope drinking a beer did not fix it :frowning:

What size paper is your project on? See File>Document Setup>Paper. What size paper is your printer using? It would appear your project is laid out on paper larger than your printer will handle. When you first start your project in LayOut, you should set the paper size for the paper you’ll be printing to. At this stage, just export to a PDF and then print. You can make print settings for the PDF to shrink it to fit the paper in your printer.

thanks Dave like i replied on the wrong topic i never had that happen to me before but its all figured out with the export method you instructed

Glad you got it sorted.

Inquiring minds want to know, what is the paper size in Document Setup?

AH ha! So you have the paper size set to 36 x24. I bet your printer has letter size paper.

Whether you print directly from LO or you export a PDF to print from, it would be a good idea to select a paper size that matches what you can print. This will help you ensure that everything on the page will be readable.

lol i did have letter size paper but was going to print it on 11x 17 paper so from now on i will be setting this to 279mm x 432mm to be able to print on 11 x 17 paper thanks Dave

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Dave I’m just going to ask you since you seem to answer all my ?'s anyway but how do i get the linear tool to reference the sketch up dimension and not the lay out one, do i have to have the grid line in sketch up are could i do it with out with the grid line in lay out only?

i guess i could just enter the length manually

Are you asking how to draw lines in LayOut at the scale you’ve chosen for the SketchUp viewport? Currently the drawing tools in LayOut work in paper space dimensions. But you can draw lines using points in the viewport as references–the drawing tools will snap to points in the viewport if you have Object Snap turned on in the Arrange menu. Or you can calculate how long the line should be and manually enter the length.

no the dimensioning tool, is there a way to measure something done in layout and have the dimension come out in the large scale ,

You can set the scale for the dimensions by turning off Auto Scale and selecting the desired scale in the Dimension Style window.

I think you’d find it enlightening to poke around in LayOut and see what you can see.

so im guessing i will have to try to get away from these odd ball scales I’m using

i have and have done the sketch up to layout course its just a lot to take in, to learn every single thing and remember it all

Or add custom scales.