Newbie printing issues

good evening all.
i am an old drafter that is new to sketchup.
i have done some 2d drafting in layout and am having the following issue.

i have a two page document that when viewing in print preview i only see a portion of the drawing. it looks like it only shows the upper left part of my drawing. i tried to scale. and same issue. to describe it it looks like i have it zoomed into only part of my drawing. any ideas?

Sounds to me as if you picked a larger paper size to lay your project out on than your printer is set up for. Look under file>Document Setup>Paper. What paper size did you choose? What size paper is in your printer?

Assuming you did choose a paper size larger than your printer is set up to handle, you have two options. Choose the right size paper in Document Setup>Paper and make the adjustments on the pages so everything fits or you could export as PDF and then print from Adobe Acrobat or Reader and choose Fit in the Print dialog.

Going forward, it’s best to choose the correct paper size before you start adding content.

Thank you very much. it lead me into a solution.

Was my guess correct?