Printing issues - landscape to portrait

Hi - I am looking for some help in LayOut. My page is set-up (using both a template I created years ago as well as a clean template A3 Landscape), looking fine as landscape (and A3). Although the page set-up is portrait (counter to how it appears on the screen). If I change the layout to landscape, the screen shows the paper space as portrait.

So, there appears to be something over-riding the page settings in SketchUp.

Typically I print to pdf as I don’t have my own A3 printer. But when I do this, the result is a portrait with the drawing running across the middle. If I adjust the page set-up to landscape (and it appears portrait on the screen), it prints landscape but only a selection of the drawings as would appear if it were portrait.

Does anyone have any suggestions?? Its killing me!

If you want a portrait orientation, you should change the orientation to Portrait in Document Set Up. You’ll probably need to rearrange the content to fit into the paper space, then.

thanks for the input DaveR, but the Document Set Up has it as landscape (which is what I want). It has the dimensions only, not a selection.

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH I have just gone to Page Set Up and actually selected a page size (I have always had that as blank as I always do it to .pdf), then it goes back to behaving as expected.

Thank you for kicking the tyres with me and getting a result!!!

Glad it worked. Whether or not you are exporting to PDF, you should always choose the paper size and orientation in Document Set Up. That gives you the proper space to place your content. And if you want a portrait orientation, make it that way from the beginning.