Printing problem


I have a trouble in layout when I print a project in A3 sheet.
In Layout I see the drawing in the middle of the sheet in landscape mode, but when i print it , print in portrait mode, and of course only print a part of the design
What can i do??


There should be a printer paper size/type and scale option. Are these set correctly?
If there is a print preview option, what do you see?

I often save it to pdf first to preview the print and then use the my pdf reader to print from as it has more options for me to work with.



Hello Chirs

I believe it’s ok, the problem is only whit A3 sheet, I try whit letter sheet and there are no problem.
Can I send you screens shots of the settings??


I’ve seen this reported before but when I tried to reproduce I only had Letter size available in my printer. I got similar results (only part printed) and attributed it to the wrong paper size in the printer. Are you choosing A3 but trying to print to Letter per chance? (Silly question I realize but I’ve found it’s better to know more details than less when troubleshooting a problem.)