Layout 2021 pdf and printing

Hi, I’ve had an issue with exporting layouts as pdf’s for some time but now also printing as pdf’s. I understand there is an ongoing issue with exporting pdf’s from 2021 which is in the process of being fixed. However when printing to pdf is there anyway of printing to ‘fit to page’. My layouts are A1 and the only large format option available is A3 which would be fine but it prints out at 100% on to A3 not fit to page. It’s a little frustrating…

Thanks for your time

If you export as PDF it should output an A1 sheet…

It does for me

Yeah that’s what thought but it only gives me A3 as the largest format with no option to fit page. Not sure why that is, I’ve got no printer attached to the PC to drive the presets.


What only gives you A3 as the largest format? LayOut? A1 is available in the paper size list.

Here’s a screen shot of the A1 page in LO.

Exported to PDF–I have no problems with PDF exports from LayOut.
A1 Sheet.pdf (9.2 KB)

Fit to page or shrink to fit is in the printing options in Adobe Acrobat or Reader or other PDF viewers.

Mine shows 8-1/2 x 11 for the paper size and without shrinking to fit the A1 paper would print full size and only show the middle of the sheet.

Shrink oversized pages selected.

If your printer handles A3 paper you should be able to select that paper when setting up Acrobat/Reader to print but that is controlled by the print drivers.

Thanks Dave, Normally that would all make sense and all your screen shots are what I would normally expect. However this is what I’m faced with… limited options. I’m missing something somewhere.

To what do you have your paper size set in LayOut? File>Document Setup>Paper? You have to set the paper size there and layout your project on that paper size. Then use File>Export>PDF. Don’t print from LayOut.

My layout is set up as A1, pdf export doesn’t work. Apparently according to the help desk there’s an issue with layout 2021 not exporting to pdf in very rare cases, I’m one of the rare cases

Screenshot 2021-04-16 150905

Can you share the LO file? I’ve seen this sort of thing with files from other users. The problem turned out to be some entity inserted into the LO file sometimes a 3D Warehouse component in the Sketchup model.

The print settings you are seeing when you try to print directly come from the print drivers. They are not settings within LayOut.

The document I’m working on is client sensitive but this file acts in the same way. Model and layout attached.

Thanks for your time and help…!

DECK.skp (447.4 KB)
pdf test.layout (464.7 KB)

this is what I get exporting as PDF…

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I opened the LO file and immediately tried to do a PDF export. It worked for me. I didn’t even open the SketchUp file.
pdf test.pdf (55.2 KB)

It would be a good idea if you were using scenes in the SketchUp model and leaving your viewports tied to them. Using Last saved SketchUp view as you are in this file is not a good idea.

Your screenshot shows that you are trying to export to Dropbox or a Dropbox-synced folder. Have you tried to export to a truly local folder, or to your desktop?

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Good catch. I missed that.

Hi Guy’s sorry been away from my PC for a few days. Just come back now and read through your comments. I’ve tried a couple of things. Where the files are saved doesn’t make any difference either directly on the pc or via Dropbox I still get the same result. However The print to pdf has started to print to the paper size be it still has a maximum print size of A3 regardless of my layout size. I keep plugin away in the hope the developers are able to sort something out.

That depends on what paper sizes your PDF printer has. The better ones give you the opportunity to add custom page sizes, but that must be done in the printer driver print settings.