Layout 2021.1 cropped PDF exports

I updated to 2021.1 this week
(using Mac OS Big Sur)
When exporting documents from Layout as PDFs the resulting image is cropped to A4 landscape size, regardless of the original document size; I use A2 paper size a lot. Opening up older documents, the result is the same, where they previously exported fine at the Document size required (my documents are sized through templates)
When I check document size it is correct (A2)
I have opened previously exported PDFs in Acrobat and they do not crop, indicating that the issue lies with Layout. I have tried opening up numerous Layout files (which all exported correctly) all with the same result. I have also created new files and the result is also the same.
I have attached a screen grab of a file (A3) in Layout and the result in Acrobat, as well as the Layout file. I can’t find or think of any settings that would force Layout to crop.
Advice and experience would be much appreciated
(my work around is to save as a JPEG and then use Acrobat to convert the JPEG into a PDF which works ok)
Layout PDF export test.layout (150.7 KB)

It looks correct in Adobe Acrobat when I export. Are you using the internal LayOut exporter or are you “printing” to PDF?
Layout PDF export test.pdf (54.3 KB)
It also looks OK when printing to PDF with Adobe Acrobat.
Layout PDF export test2.pdf (21.3 KB)
Windows 10, LayOut version 21.1.279

Your very prompt response is appreciated!
I use the Layout exporter

Can you post the PDF you produced? I seem to remember that in some cases the internal Mac PDF viewer has shown pages differently than viewers on the PC or other Mac applications.

Someone with a mac should take a look. @colin ?

Layout PDF export test2.pdf (99.6 KB)
Here is one that I have just created In LO it is set to an A3 document size and exported at high quality

Is the paper size when printing to PDF at all driven by the available paper size with the mapped printer? The PDF you shared looks to be about about 297mm by 210mm

That PDF shows the cropping, but your original LayOut file doesn’t show a problem with either an export to PDF, or a send to Preview.

Try the send to Preview test, to see if that is different for you. To do that, do Print, and in the lower part of the dialog click on the PDF menu, then choose Open in Preview.

While you are in the Print dialog, what printer is selected? I have seen problems before where if the chosen printer is Any Printer, there can be margin problems. Choosing a real printer, even if you’re not going to print, can help with that.

Hi Colin,
Thanks for jumping on this so quickly.
Here is a screen grab of the Preview test. It is set to my named printer and the result is the same: a cropped PDF export

Will your printer handle A3 paper?

No its an A4 printer. We rarely print, saving to PDF to be sent to the client directly or to a print shop.

So what do you get when you export to PDF instead of Print to PDF?

The page size in your shared PDF is A4. Seems like the size of your PDF is being driven by the size of the paper your printer will handle.

To date this has never been a problem, but either the upgrade to Big Sur or to 2021.1 seems to have triggered something.
When I set the document size to A3 the page looks correct
When I select page setup, select the printer and OK the document reverts to A4, as you point out controlled by the paper size of the printer.The same results also apply when I select any printer. Returning to Document Setup/paper I can reset the page size and it again looks correct.

My printer is only black and white, US Letter, and yet I don’t see the page being cropped off.

I have a fix…
Selecting Page setup/ then PFormat for/ Printers and scanners
I selected the printer page to be A3 (landscape)

On its own this did nothing

I had to Reselect Page setup and the Page Size : A3 (it was still defaulting to A4)

This gives the right result when I select Print/ PDF/ open in preview
however it still reverts to a cropped image if I export it.
If I select Print/ PDF/ Save as PDF it exports the PDF correctly