Layout 2024 crashing when trying to print & Paper Size Issues


I am running into a repeated issue that when I try printing in Layout 2024. Whether I go to File>Print or use the shortcut Command+P, the program will crash if it is the first time I have tried printing from a file that I’m working in. When I restart, and try printing again, it works…most of the time. The files I am using are both brand new created in under Layout 2024 and older files created under Layout 2023. I’ve submitted multiple bug splats and even emailed support about it. Only response so far has been reinstall, which I have not had time to do since I’m on a deadline.

Additionally, I can’t get Layout to remember my paper size and I have to set it manually each time I try to print. Also, this paper size does not carry over to the export to pdf function. Anytime I export to a pdf, it always comes out on 8.5"x11.5" portrait. If I set the paper size and go to print and save as PDF (native function to mac), it comes out correct. Is there another setting I’m missing when it comes to setting paper size in the export to pdf function?

I am running a M1 Ultra Mac Studio, 64GB RAM, Sonoma 14.4.1 with the experimental graphics engine turned off due to previous issues.

Anyone have any insight into these issues before I attempt a reinstall?

Exporting a PDF should result in a document with the paper size you used when you set up the document. What paper size do you have set?

Share an example LO file so we can see what you’ve got.

I am using either 18x24 Arch C or 24x36 Arch D paper sizes. I’ve attached my standard layout template for 18x24 paper below. I verified this file too crashed when trying to print it and the paper size was not remembered…at least on my machine.

Arch C.layout (11.6 MB)

When you export a PDF from this LayOut template does it make pages that are 18x24? I exported a PDF from your template and it looks to be the right size.
Arch C.pdf (499.2 KB)

Is the default printer able to print these large sheets? What is the default paper size set on the printer?

It does not make an 18x24 page if I export as a pdf. It makes a 8.5x11 page.

I do not have a printer attached to this computer. I added a custom page size 18x24 to the page size list

I have to select this every time before I try printing to a pdf in the print dialogue box.

Are you using File>Export in LayOut or are you printing to PDF?

I don’t have one mapped to my PC, either but printing would result in letter size output because that’s what comes from the system. I expect it’s the same on your Mac.

I can’t use PDF export since it won’t set the paper size. No matter what I do, it always comes out as 8.5x11. I have to use print and save to pdf.

Did you open the PDF I shared? Does it show up as the right size?

How about you export a PDF of that template and upload it here?

There is something very wrong with your setup, then. (I wonder if @adam has any thoughts.)
Exporting to PDF should export the paper size you selected in Document Setup>Paper no matter what size paper you have set. Here’s the print dialog from Adobe reader with the PDF I exported from your You can see the size of the page. The light rectangle shows the print area because the default for Microsoft Print to PDF is 11x8.5 inches. that 11x8.5 in. is coming from the system, not LayOut.

Your exported pdf was correct on my system. This is the pdf from my system:
Arch C 11.24.27 AM.pdf (1.1 MB)
Again, this is correct on my side once I went through and selected the paper size and then went to print>save to pdf.

I tried changing the default paper size in mac settings for the pdf to 18x24 and tried exporting again from layout and it still came out 8.5x11.

I feel like this is a issue with the MacOS printer/save as pdf settings and probably not with Layout since I’ve had other issues with macOS14.4.1.

And this is using File>Export>PDF from LayOut?

I’m with you on this.

no. my uploaded pdf was from file>print>save as pdf. This always comes out correct. I just have to set the paper size each time I want to print (and restart layout when it inevitably crashes when selecting print).

Exporting from file>export>pdf gives me this:
Arch C.layout- Coversheet.pdf
It’s a cropped letter size page. Nothing I change seems to affect this, even setting the default paper size in the macOS system settings to 18x24. The one upside is the layout does not crash when I select file>export>pdf. If I could get the paper size working, this would be my preferred way of exporting pdfs.

I stopped using export to pdf probably in when i transitioned from sketchup 2021 to 2022. For some reason, it would not export in 2022 so i switched to the file>print>save as pdf method. I figured it was something to do with macOS and sketchup had not caught up with the change yet. It worked so I didn’t worry about it too much.

The uploaded one opens in Adobe Reader on my end as 11x8.5 in. It also shows that it had been scaled from the original file in LO. I wouldn’t call that coming out correct.

There is indeed something wrong on your end.

I wonder what was going on. Generally the PDF exporter is better than printing to PDF.