Layout crashing trying to export file to pdf or jpg

I have a very simple layout document with 4 viewports and two text boxes. I’m trying to export it to either pdf or jpg for a client. It’s crashing every time. I’ve closed everything down, rebooted and tried again.

Any suggestions?

The model is by no means the most complex I’ve ever created and works fine. I’ve purged and fixed it, just to be sure.

As a test, delete one image and try to export. If it works look at the image to see if there’s something odd. Maybe the color profile? If it still crashes, undo the deletion and delete a different image and try again.

It might also be worthwhile to try selecting all text and changing the font to something very, very, very bog-standard like Arial or what is similar on the Mac. I don’t know about images, but PDF is picky about errors in fonts.

Also check that the folder you are writing the files to is a standard folder on your computer’s hard drive, one that you have full permissions to, and one not automatically synced with the cloud.

It could be that the Output Override is on and it is Hybrid everything on export.

File → Document Setup… → Rendering and uncheck the Override.


Thanks Trent. That solved it for me. I was having the same issue.

Why would this cause a crash?

Don’t know exactly, but with a large file it would require lots and lots of memory and processing time.