Layout 2024 export to PDF crash

I have had trouble exporting to a PDF file from Layout 2024. I have tried several files created in earlier versions and successfully exported. Bug splat #571 and #56? I had one success with a layout file 447 mb but crashed with files 771 mb and larger. I tried with the new graphics engine on and off. Loaded the latest nVidia studio driver for my GTX 1060. Same files can be exported using Layout 2023. All files crash in the last sheet of the drawing set. (the end of the export) and it takes a very long time to process the export. over an hour.

I dont think there is a work around It looks to be a bug in 2024. So im ok using 2023 for exporting.

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You might be crashing if Output Override is ticked.

I am aware of that feature and dont use it. If I need a hybrid viewport I set the attribute for just that viewport. The files im working with export in 2023 just fine. I do question the nvidia driver. I am using the studio driver as recommended per haps I will try the gaming driver to see if its better. I did read a while back about a problem with the nvidia driver. Ive updated it but that doesnt mean its not the problem.

Thank you for the reply.