Layout export issue

I am working on a project that I have downloaded (exported to pdf) many time but just did the update to 2024 and as soon as I try exporting Layout freezes and then become unresponsive to the point that I have to manually close the app.

I’ve given it time, I have tried printing as a PDF and nothing is working. PLEASE HELP

Here is the screen shot of it after 15 mins of spinning wheel of death.

In Document Setup>Rendering untick the Output Override box.
Screenshot - 4_19_2024 , 9_18_13 AM

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Thanks for replying so quickly.

I’m using a Mac and that is not an option. I have lowered the output quality but still have the same issue.

The option is available for LayOut 2024.

Here it is shown in the Mac version. Again, untick the Output Override box.

THANK YOU!!! I appreciate your help

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