Layout 2021 - printing

I have Sketchup Layout 2021 I arranged my drawing on a paper size of 11 x 17 inch paper on layout 2021 I tried to print out and it was off centered but if I printed after exported it to PDF or PNG and print outside of Layout it would print centered.

If you do the same test with US Letter, does it go wrong in the same way? Can you attach a small example file to your next post?

Also, does it look correct in the print preview window, before you do a physical print?

There was a printing offset issue in 2020.2, but that was fixed in 2021.

In layout when I set the paper size of 11 x 17 and arrange my drawings on the paper size it all fits ok and is set were I want it togo. I will try and send a sample of the print out and also a screen shot later today.

I have had this issue with Layout 2020 but 2021 has been working correctly so far.

The US Letter test would be good to do as well. If it goes wrong for you I can test printing. My printer doesn’t do other paper sizes!

How do i do US letter test

Set the LayOut paper size to be 8.5x11 instead of 11x17. That would be for a portrait test.

Hi Colin

I did the test you were talking about the 8.5x11inch it came out ok but I tried printing 11x17 inch image it did not turn out. 60012d.pdf (539.3 KB)

Hi Colin

I was wondering if you had noticed my reply that is right above this post.

I did, but was having a busy day. I did look at the PDF. One problem is knowing what it should be like. You could put a margin border an even distance around the edges of the page, that would help.

Can you post your LayOut file as well?

Yes i will do it a little later. Thanks for looking at it I thought it was going to get lost and I did not want to get in trouble because i double posted.

Hi @colin and @Compcad I’m having the same issue, and it seems to be only on my new Mac. I’m running SU and Layout Version 21.1.331 and using Mac Monterey 12.1.
Page Settings and Printer settings both set for 8.5x11. When I do the print preview the small preview image shows everything skewed to the left slightly, so even if I save as a PDF it will be skewed. I have deleted and reconnected my network printer. What’s crazy is if I open the same file with my older Mac laptop it saves to PDF and prints just fine. Did you find a solution?

Can you wait a couple of days? there’s something I can check into that may help.