Printing Issue

After updating today I have a major challenge. When I print a document from layout it is shifting the my print down and to the right where it is cutting off the the edges. I have printed with the same settings for a long time now and it has worked until today. If I export a PDF it prints that just fine but if I print directly from layout it has this shifting problem. What do I try next?

Some screenshots might help, are you able to share the file?

Screen shots are not helpful in this instance as the print preview looks normal. It is the final print that is the problem. Here is an image of the prints. The top print has the whole image shifted the bottom print is from the PDF where it printed just fine.

Here is a screen shot of what I see.

When you print from Layout do you use file>print and print to a printer…?

Exporting to PDF from Layout it seems Layout ‘knows’ what settings to use to correctly render the print.

If you print from Layout to a printer there are various printer settings that could be causing your problem.

Don’t know why it would be showing correctly when you print preview.

Here is print preview

I don’t know why the print preview is ok but it seems like there’s an issue with print scaling perhaps…?

I don’t understand why it would shift it. I figure scaling would crop the whole thing some how.

It’s very crude but I offered up an on screen ruler to that first image and it looks like the cropped print is scaled…?

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I think you are right it is a scaling issue.

Does your content extend outside the printer’s borders?

No I have used the same settings for years now without a problem. Until yesterday that is :confused:

It was just a thought…

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We have templates set up that we have used for a long time.

So far nothing I change fixes it and tech support has not got back with me on the issue. Anywhere else I should go?

Print drivers?

Maybe at least for the time being use the export to PDF and print from Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

Printing PDF’s for the shop now until it gets resolved.

I don’t have a printer so I can’t check but it would be interesting if anyone else sees this same thing.

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I agree.

Print drivers are up to date.